DVRVGAMATRIX - 4 Spot Monitor VGA Matrix

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3 Spot VGA Matrix Card
3 Spot VGA Matrix Cardgraphic showing 3 spot monitors

Optiview installs this item in your VR or VR-Elite DVR at the time of purchase. Requires VR Hybrid upgrade

The VR VGA Matrix allows additional VGA monitors to be added to the VR Series DVR, allowing you to view up to 16 cameras on each spot monitor and up to 64 cameras on the main VGA output. All display setup is controlled at the DVR.

  • Up to 3 spot monitors
  • Individual monitor control
  • 1, 4, 9, 16 partition modes on each monitor
  • View Analog, IP, and Video Servers on spot monitors
  • Duplicate any cameras over each monitor as needed
DVRVGAMATRIX: 3 Spot Monitors Setup
DVRVGAMATRIX: 3 Spot Monitors Setup

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