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We offer a large variety of surveillance DVRs and NVRs in multiple technologies to fit your security needs. At Discount Security Cameras, we strive to select the highest quality recorders to provide your home or business with 24 / 7 clear, reliable surveillance coverage. Once you've chosen your surveillance technology (Analog, HD-over-Coax or IP / Megapixel) simply select the corresponding DVR / NVR category below. Our recorders support anywhere from 1 - 64 cameras at a time. We also provide a free video monitoring software and mobile apps for remote viewing.

As an added bonus here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

  • All DVRs and NVRs will do a live preview at 1080P. That does not mean that your playback will be at 1080P. Check the recording resolution.
  • Many HD-over-Coax or Tribrid DVR's will record 1080P at half time (15 frames per second) and 720P at real time (30 frames per second) and will support a 2 Megapixel / 1080P camera.
Analog CCTV Security DVRs
Select one of our high end analog DVRs for your new security system. Get as much or as little coverage as you need with 2CIF, 4CIF / D1 recording options. All DVRs preview live video at 1080P.
HD-over-Coax DVRs
Want to get serious about your surveillance system while staying sensible in cost? Want high quality image playback? Want an easy installation or upgrade? Choose between a 720P and 1080P HD-over-Coax DVR and use the same coax cable to connect to HD-over-C
NVRs for IP / Network security systems
Connect up to 32 cameras to the network for high resolution video surveillance using a network video recorder.
Weatherproof DVRs
4, 8 and 16 Channel Weatherproof DVR (Digital Video Recorders) Solutions. Built in-house in the USA. Ideal for installing a self-contained recording system in outdoor areas such as parks, parking lots or railroad crossings.

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