Comparing Analog to HD-over-Coax

Scroll to compare analog video snapshots to 1080P HD-over-Coax video snapshots. Analog snapshots were taken using a DLT1ABG in Analog mode while HD images were taken using a DLT20ABW-V HD-over-Coax camera. HD images have been scaled down from wide-screen format in order to line up to standard D1 Analog resolution.

Note: True side by side shots were taken by both Analog and HD-over-Coax cameras being plugged into a Tribrid DVR which allows Analog, IP/Megapixel and HD-over-Coax cameras to be plugged into one recorder.

How to Upgrade to HD

If you already have an analog surveillance system in place, it is simply a matter of switching out the analog cameras and DVR for plug-n-play HD-over-Coax cameras and either an HD-over-Coax or Tribrid DVR while using the same coax (cable) infrastructure.


Shop our HD-over-Coax cameras and DVRs or our Tribrid DVRs today to upgrade from Analog to HD.

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