Dome Camera FAQs

Pros & Cons of Using Dome Security Cameras

The dome camera is obviously named for its dome shape. Everyone has seen these security cameras in businesses and stores. Because of its shape, its difficult to tell exactly where the camera is aiming unless you see it up close. Dome cameras are generally used inside buildings, although the armor domes can be used outside as well (more about the armor dome below). You can mount them on the ceiling or on a wall. All of our dome cameras capture images in color and even the basic units have excellent video resolution (600 to 700 lines horizontal resolution).

Some of the most exciting dome cameras we carry are the Color Infrared Armor Dome Cameras. These amazing cameras are virtually indestructable. The hi-impact reinforced polycarbonate tamperproof armor dome can withstand a blow from a 10-pound sledgehammer! They are color cameras that automatically switch to infrared black and white in low light level conditions. They can be installed inside or out and include all of the required mounting hardware.

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Last Modified: June 27, 2015

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