Return Policy

Merchandise may be returned for a refund or exchange for 15 days from day of receipt as long as the equipment is still in "as new" condition. A 15% restocking fee may apply. Shipping costs are not refundable. There is no return on Clearance items.

"As New" means that all items must be undamaged and in their original cartons and packaging along with all accessories, documentation, and parts. No wires or pigtails can be cut.The product exterior must be intact and unmarked. The original carton must be in another "shipping" box. No postmarks or labels shall be on the original box. Cable must be unopened (or still on reel).

A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number must be obtained from Discount Security Cameras prior to the return of any merchandise. An RMA number is only valid for 14 days.

To request an RMA number, click here.

Free & Discounted Product Offers

From time to time, DSC will offer a free or discounted product as a special offer along with a another product. For example, we might offer a free monitor with a DVR system.

In a case like this, if the product is returned (eg, the DVR system) then the free or discounted product must also be returned (eg, the monitor) in order to receive the full refund for the order.

The free or discounted product must also be in 'as new' condition as described above. If the free or discounted product(s) is not returned with the rest of the order then DSC will charge the customer for the retail price of the free product (or the difference between the discounted price vs. the retail price of the discounted product) thereby reducing the amount that the customer would receive in the refund. For example, if a free monitor was not returned and the retail price of the monitor is $129 then the refund to the customer would be reduced by $129. Similarly, if a discounted monitor was not returned which was sold at $59 that was normally $159, then the refund to the customer would be reduced by $100.

Package Offers

If a customer returns an item that was purchased as part of a package (and so paid a reduced package price) or using an order discount or coupon, DGP will calculate the correct amount to be refunded as follows:

The total cost of the items will be added up according to the price if each item was purchased separately. Then the percentage of discount will be calculated based on the price paid for the package.

For example, if the items in the package purchased separately is $750 and the package price paid was $699 then the percentage of discount was 1 - (699/750) * 100 = 6.8%.

In this example, if an item is returned, the amount credited would be the individual retail price - 6.8%. For example, if one camera was returned which costs $79 individually, the refunded amount would be:

$79 - 6.8% or
$79 - ($79 * .068) =
$79 - $5.37 = $73.6

In this case, $73.63 was the actual amount paid for the camera given the package or coupon price. If a restocking fee is charged it will be based on this actual amount paid ($73.63 in this example). If you have any questions about this policy please feel free to call us.

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