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  • Surveillance Hard Drives
  • Discontinuing the 500GB Hard Drive
  • More Info  |  Last Updated: 2/20/2015
Hard Drives

Due to the higher resolution HD cameras DSC now offers, we are discontinuing the 500GB hard drives and have increased the individual hard drive capacity up to 4TB.

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  • Fequently asked questions about the HD-CVI technology.
  • More Info  |  Last Updated: 9/9/2014

HD-CVI is a new analog high definition (HD) video standard transmitting over coaxial cable. Click the link below to learn more about this new technology.

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  • Upgrading Older PC Based DVR To Windows 7
  • Steps for upgrading older PC based DVRs to Windows 7.
  • For More Info  |  Last Updated: 4/15/2013
Upgrading Older PC Based DVR To Windows 7

With the recent "retirement" of Windows XP many of our customers are asking how to upgrade their older PC based DVRs to Windows 7. Click the link below to view the steps to verifying your system and upgrade options.

  • Unable To View Demos In Internet Explorer 11
  • How to resolve an issue with viewing demos in Internet Explorer 11.
  • More Info  |  Last Updated: 1/15/2014
How To Resolve An Issue With Demos In Internet Explorer 11.

If you are running Internet Explorer version 11, an extra step needs to be taken for DVR & IP Camera Demos to run properly. To check your version of IE, click on the "Tools" (Gear) icon at the top right hand side of the browser and select "About Internet Explorer".

If you are running Version 11, follow these steps to run a demo: Click "View Demo" below to bring up the specific demo that you want to run. Then, select the "Tools" gear and select "Compatibility View settings". Click "Add", then "Close". Press Ctrl-R to refresh the browser window.

  • Hybrid DVRs & Hybrid Security Camera Systems
  • FAQs Article on Hybrid DVRs and their advantages.
  • More Info  |  Last Updated: 10/7/2013
Hybrid DVRs & Hybrid Security Camera Systems

The term 'Hybrid DVR' simply means that you can record both analog cameras and IP (aka network or megapixel) cameras to the same DVR. A 'Hybrid Security Camera System' is a system that incorporates both analog and IP cameras (by using a hybrid DVR).

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