VR Series Enterprise Hybrid Solution

The VR Series Enterprise Solution unites the benefits and advantages of analog and digital (IP) surveillance technologies. For an overview and comparison of these technologies click here. As you can see from the diagram, this approach allows you to use a combination of analog and network cameras, digital video recorders (DVRs), and IP camera servers. This powerful solution is perfect for large or widespread enterprises such as restaurant chains, medical buildings, schools, or any large office or industrial complex.

Features include.

  • Network multiple DVRs, IP cameras, and IP servers
  • 1 - 64 cameras can be recorded per DVR
  • 390 cameras can be managed in total by the client software
  • H.264 compression (all components)
  • Real time recording
  • Audio every channel
  • Pentaplex operation
  • Full remote processing (view, record, playback, administrate)
  • Watermarking
  • PTZ Support
  • Smart Search

More Details...

Each DVR can record a total of 64 analog and/or IP cameras. For example, a 4 channel DVR can record up to 4 analog cameras and an additional 60 IP cameras. A 32 channel DVR can record up to 32 analog cameras plus 32 IP cameras.

Optional VGA Matrix card allows you to hook up 4 additional composite monitors to each DVR. Each spot monitor can display up to 16 cameras.

The advanced remote client software allows you to view and record cameras from multiple VR Series DVRs and / or IP Servers and Cameras. You can view up to 390 cameras in total. Cameras may be organized logically into groups with 36 cameras in a group and up to 15 groups. The same camera may be in more than one group. For example, a fast food restaurant may want a group for all cameras in each restaurant location and other groups for all registers, drive-thrus, etc.

In addition to viewing, playing back, and recording, you can also fully administrate the machines remotely.

Hybrid solutions provide.

Scalability. For example, a small business purchases an 8 camera DVR. As the business expands they have a need for more than 8 cameras. Normally this would require a huge upgrade to their existing DVR or purchasing a new DVR. With a the VR Series hybrid solution the business could simply install an IP camera (or an IP server and up to 4 analog cameras) and hook it up to their existing DVR with no upgrade to the DVR.

Ease of install for large corporate networks. For large corporate sites that already have an IP network in place, the ability to mix and match analog cameras with IP cameras could greatly simplify the installation and reduce the overall cost of the surveillance system. For example, on the entrance floor and outside of the building they could install traditional analog cameras. On the rest of the floors that might need just one or two cameras, IP cameras could be used.

Ability to use wireless. Some cameras are much easy to install if wireless technology can be used. However analog cameras do not work well in wireless (for more background on this topic, click here). IP wireless technology is a big improvement over analog technology. The VR Series hybrid solution lets you take advantage of this technological improvement by integrating IP wireless cameras. For example, a business wants to install cameras on the poles in the parking lot. Using a wireless IP camera in this situation will be much easier to install.

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