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Service Notification - Surveillance Hard Drives

Due to the higher resolution HD cameras DSC now offers, we are discontinuing the 500GB hard drives and have increased the individual hard drive capacity up to 4TB. Each DVR or NVR we offer will accept at least 1, if not more, hard drives and all will accept a 4TB hard drive.

Hard Drive offerings include:

  • HD1000 (1TB)
  • HD2000 (2TB)
  • HD3000 (3TB) - Limited Inventory (please call)
  • HD4000 (4TB)

Recommended DVR Storage Capacity

It is more important than ever that you retain at least 30 days of video storage on your DVRs. We are seeing surveillance video being used more and more in liability cases so be sure to retain the proper amount of video storage in order to protect yourself. Our surveillance experts are seeing an increasing amount of cases where people hold onto their claims before submitting just before the 30 day deadline to increase the likelihood that you no longer have video of the incident. The more time you are able to retain your recordings, the better off you will be in protecting yourself from false claims.

False claim incidents include, but are not limited to:

  • Fake / staged slip and falls
  • False workmans comp claims
  • False wet floor claims
  • Uneven pavement claims

All DVRs offered by Discount Security Cameras support scheduling and motion detection settings to get the most out of your hard drives.

Last Modified: February 17, 2015

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