DSC Releases New Model of Tracking PTZ Camera

Jacksonville, FL - January 25, 2011

In January 2011, Discount Security Cameras (DSC) released its new updated model of tracking pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera, model ‘DTRKPTZ36′. A tracking PTZ is a pan tilt zoom camera with special intelligence to recognize when something is moving within its field of view. The camera will then automatically adjust its position and zoom to ‘track’ the object as it moves within its field of view. When the object moves out of the PTZs field of view, the camera will set itself back to a preset ‘home’ position until another moving object comes into the area.

The ‘tracking’ feature is important because although you can theoretically cover a lot of area with one PTZ camera, unless the PTZ camera is being monitored by a human it will only be focused on one area at a time. Often, incidents are not recorded because they happened outside the current view of the PTZ camera even though it was within the camera’s potential viewing range.

“A good tracking PTZ can be the perfect solution for some applications.” says Gary Bibeau, Sales Director of Discount Security Cameras. “You have the advantage of the PTZ camera to cover a wide area combined with the tracking technology to help make sure that nothing is missed within that area. Some customers are using standard fixed cameras around the perimeter of the building – but using the tracking PTZ to cover the interior area. A bank, for example, is using the tracking PTZ to monitor events happening inside the building after hours, like security checks and cleaning crews.”

The new camera has been updated from its previous version. The new model has 36X optical zoom which is more than 50% more powerful than before. The new camera’s resolution is 540 lines, which provides superior image quality. The DTRKPTZ36 also has Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology that provides an improved image under backlight conditions when there are both very bright and very dark areas in the field of view. The camera allows you set up ‘stops’ to control the perimeter of the area that you want to monitor. You can also set up sensitivity adjustments such as the minimum size of an object that you want to track and how closely you want to zoom-in on tracked objects. The new DTRKPTZ36 is powered at 24 volts which provides more power for the camera’s heaters and motors, compared to the old 12 volt model.

DSC also offers a separate tracking box option (DISTRK). This is handy for anyone who already owns a standard PTZ and wants to add the tracking capability. Details may be found online or by calling their toll free number (1-888-301-7680).

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