General DVR Technical Support FAQ
Frequently asked technical support questions about the DVRs

I have a DSL/Cable Internet connection and I want to view my DVR over the Internet.

We have two FAQ pages that discuss setting up your digital video recorder (DVR) for remote surveillance over the Internet. The Remote Video Surveillance page discusses general issues surrounding remote video surveillance. Another page titled Viewing the DVR over the Internet goes into more detail as far as setting up your DVR for access over the internet.

I need the static IP address information for my connection.

Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and request the information. Only your ISP can provide you with this, we cannot.

Do I have to make changes in the DVR software for me to connect remotely?

No. The only option is to allow incoming connections. This is on by default There is no place in the DVR software to put any IP information.

I have the static IP information for my connection where do I enter that information for the DVR?

The DVR is like a standard Windows XP computer. Follow the instructions from your ISP to enter the information into the network adapter. Or click this link to read the document of how to do this.

How many Frames Per Seconds will I see with an 8 Camera 120 FPS DVR (or any other DVR)?

There is no way to tell exactly how fast your video will come across the Internet. The speed depends on your connection to the Internet and the DVR's connection to the internet as well. The same applies for a modem however the speed of a modem is extremely slow and you will not be happy with the performance over a modem connection.

How many computers/people can I have connected to and viewing a DVR remotely?

Up to 50 connections to the DVR can be made at a single time. With a modem however there can be only 1 person connected at one time due to phone line restrictions.

What are the RCA jacks for on the back of the DVR?

They are for switching video out. They only display one camera - and they switch to the next camera at timed intervals.

I want to view my DVR screen on a TV just like I see it on my computer screen.

You will need to buy a separate module that will allow you to do that. We have the "Ultimate 2000ex" - we sell them for $79. Call sales for more information.

What about phone tech support?

Tech support is available via phone 9-5 EST Monday - Friday. We do ask that you read the manuals before you call, this is to save you time and help keep our phone support free.

Email tech support at Emails are normally answered within 12 hours and it may be faster to email than to call. This way we can send you a link or any software that you may need.

Last Modified: Jun 1, 2006

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