PC Based DVR Upgrade Instructions

Please Read Before Upgrading

Warning: Please be advised that when upgrading to 6.xx you will lose all of your current recorded video. If you need to save any recorded data, we recommend doing some type of back up prior to following the instructions below.

The DVR Server version 6.xx uses a different database format than the previous versions and is not compatible with previous configuration settings or databases. Because you will need to manually re-enter your configurations please take note of them before upgrading. In order to begin recording again you will need to format every hard drive, except the "C:/" drive. Please follow these instructions in order to create your database:

  1. In order to upgrade to the latest version of the software, you must uninstall any previous version. If you have already uninstalled the DVR Server program, please proceed to the Upgrade section below.
  2. Click on Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.
  3. Remove the DVR Server program by selecting it in the list and clicking the Remove button.
  4. Follow the Uninstall instructions and select "Yes To All" when prompted.
  5. Open up "My Computer" > Open the "C:/" drive > Open the "Program Files" folder > Delete the "DVR Server" folder located in Program Files.

If You Are Upgrading From An Earlier Version To 6

  1. When upgrading from version 5.xx series, if you backed up your DVR parameters - do not restore DVR settings from the version 5.xx series into the new version 6.xx series because the old settings will not be compatible with the newer version, nor is the new 6.xx series backward compatible with the old versions.
  2. All user accounts will be deleted when the old software is removed from the server. Be sure to backup your DVR user accounts.

How To Back-up Your DVR User Accounts

  1. Open Windows explorer and go to this directory: C:\Program Files\DVR Server\SetPara
  2. Copy the file named usermanage.dat to your local hard drive (My documents) or into a USB thumb drive.
  3. Once the upgrade installation is finished, copy back the usermanage.dat to a folder located at: C:\Program Files\DVR Server\SetPara

How To Upgrade Your Digital Video Recorder

  1. Download the Hybrid NDVR Server (v. 6.35N) Upgrade.
  2. Run the installation application "setup.exe" file that you downloaded above and select "Next" when prompted and then "OK". Once the installation is finished and the icons are created, please close all open windows and folders.
  3. Right click on the "My Computer" icon and select "Manage"
  4. On the left hand side click on the "Disk Management" portion.
  5. On the lower right hand side you will see your physical hard drives listed C, D, etc... Right Click on each drive (except for C) and choose Format > Check "Quick Format" and select "Ok" to begin formatting.
  6. Go to the Start menu > All Programs > DVR Server > and open the Disk Manage program located there.
  7. In the Disk Manage program utility you will see your available hard drives. On the right hand side of the utility there are two columns one is labeled "Residual Data Package" and the other is labeled "New Data Package".
  8. Click on the box, in the "New Data Package" column, to the right of each of the drives you wish to create the database on. It is a drop down menu, please allocate a number that is at least 40 less than the number in the "Residual Data Package" column. For example, if the Residual Data Package number is 457, you would use a maximum of 417 in the New Data Package column.
  9. Once you have allocated space for each of your drives, click the button located at the bottom of the utility, "Create Data Index" and wait while the database is created. Once it is finished there will be a pop-up window stating that it has completed successfully. Click "Ok".
  10. You may now close the Disk Manage utility and reopen the DVR Server program.

Last Modified: June 24, 2015

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